Happy Mother’s day

Today is mother’s day.

I spent the day looking at photo’s of everyone’s mommys on Instagram.
I don’t know if i wish i could take a photo of my mommy and put it on Instagram.
I don’t think i do.
I mean, i wish i could take a picture of her but not for Instagram.
When she went to Heaven, there were no camera phones.
So if i wanted to post a photo, it would be a photo of a photo. Meh!

I wonder if she’d care about camera phones and Instagram and all of that. I bet she wouldn’t.
I wonder if she knows i wish her a happy mother’s day. She was a great mommy.
I wonder if she knows that i think i know why God took her when He did.
I miss my mommy a lot.

My cousins and aunties are great. Well, some of them.
My man’s mommy is great. God bless her.

I want to be a great mommy too… Someday.
Someday soon.

My mommy lives in Heaven.
All angels live in Heaven.
My mommy is an angel.

I’m going to post a photo of my mommy here.
It’s a photo of a photo.
I might as well

Happy mother’s day!


I read this and i liked it

I believe that every married couple should love themselves, first and foremost. They should possess genuine, sincere love for one another. They should be truthful and honest with each other. They should not hide anything from each other. They should avoid committing too many mistakes in the marriage. They should respect each other and should not take each other for granted. Marriages break when couples take each other for granted. They should ensure they are not apart from each other for long periods at a time. They should learn to tolerate each other. Everybody has a good side and a naughty side. They must be accommodating of each other’s weaknesses.

– Former first lady, Maryam Abacha at her son, Sadiq’s wedding.
A mother is a mother is a mother. Love it!