#MyWeddingPlanningJourney – Part 2 – Venue woes

Now that I’m back in Lagos, wedding planning is in full effect. I don’t sound too enthused abi? Lemme say this again. Today is the 4th of June 2013 and our wedding is in about 80 days. We have to put together an introduction ceremony, traditional wedding, ceremony at our church and a reception in less than 3 months. Yes, not a lot of time AT ALL. I’m a bit overwhelmed. I cannot afford to have anything go wrong.

Mr V and i had talked about venues and other details and for the reception, we decided to go with an all inclusive one. The venue takes care of food, decor, cake, drinks and even the honeymoon suite for our wedding night. Complete win! Especially seeing as we both work full time so, quite frankly, neither of us has the time to chase numerous vendors. The fact that this venue allows us the luxury of eliminating at least 4 vendors, we knew we had to have it. No time or space for unnecessary headaches. We’d even gone there a while ago to see the hall, menu and all, it was right.

At this point, let me say, we are also trying to pull off the impossible. We are trying to have a small wedding in Lagos, Nigeria. Ha! If you’re Nigerian, or even know Nigerians, you know that this is almost impossible and definitely NOT going to be easy. First step to making sure of this was choosing a hall that cannot have more than 270 people. Our wedding will be strictly by invitation, only our nearest and dearest. We gave our families 50 guests each while we have 50 guests each also. Full stop. Case closed. Easy peasy abi? Not in the slightest. Wait and see.

I called our potential reception venue to discuss putting down a deposit for the date we wanted. Guess what? Our date was NOT AVAILABLE. I almost ran mad. Like, what was i really thinking?!?!?! Did i really expect that my dream venue would just be sitting down waiting for me on ice till i was ready to book it? What a joker i was! I almost cried. I literally almost had a meltdown on the phone, dude on the other end started consoling me. Then he let it slip that the group that booked the date hadn’t paid and they had till Monday of the next week to pay or the date would be open again. I stopped hyperventilating at this point because there was a chance, albeit tiny, that we’d get our venue. Mind you, it was Wednesday so i had about 6 days to wait before i would know. So the waiting began. I put down the deposit for the week after, as a tentative date, a plan B.

Started making concrete lists for wedding planning and it was at this point i realized that my main headache would come from planning the introduction and traditional wedding. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t even be my business. Ideally, those parts of the wedding process are organized by the bride’s parents. Seeing as my mother, the only parent i was raised by, passed away years ago, i have had to organize this part of the wedding with cousins, aunties and uncles, some of whom haven’t been the most helpful. To be completely fair,some have been great but others, not so much. And imagine how stressful it is asking 4 or 5 people who have “better” things to do for something as against 1 person who would have made this their main project. Does anyone want to guess how much i miss my mommy right now?

aarrgghhh gif
I feel like this a lot of the time

Anyway, I’m just going to chill and not over-think anything. Everything will go well, i know it.
Till i blog again…see ya


#MyWeddingPlanningJourney – Part 1 – Dress Shopping and I heart Pronovias

Let me start by saying I DID NOT ENJOY THIS! Like, i spend most of my weekday evenings watching “Say yes to the dress”. All the girls always look so cheery and jolly, like they’re walking on rainbows and eating candy floss with glitter in their hair. NOT ME. I WAS FOOLED! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Let me not be too dramatic. My experience was dreadful for 2 reasons. First, this is the middle of May and i’m getting married in August, so my dress options were GREATLY limited. I have to buy what’s available for sale in store and sort out any alterations i may need and secondly, usually, when i go shopping, i just see stuff i like in my size and buy it. When i get home and i don’t like it, i either sell it or give it away, hugely dependent on how much said item cost me. LOL. Not this time. In one day, i tried on like 15 dresses. I almost lost my mind! It took a lot from me…i can’t explain it.

I learnt something about wedding dress shopping and i learnt it the hard way. Before i got to the UK, i had a good idea what sort of wedding dress i wanted. Mermaid or trumpet style dress, fit and flare to hug my curves oh so nicely. None of that ball gown, A-line type mess for me, thank you sir! Oh was i in for a RUDE shock! None of the dresses i tried on in these styles fit me. Like NONE! Instead, it was the A-line dresses. Oh my goodness! They were BEAUTIFUL. I wonder how women who ordered their wedding dresses online felt after they received this supposed “dress of their dreams” to find out it wasn’t meant to be because i KNOW some women have ordered their dresses on the internet without first trying them on. I was actually going to do this. I can only imagine how crushed i woulda been *sigh*

Anyway, i went to 2 stores, one a day, and all i’m going to say is i’m glad i’m going to be married to my fiance forever. Because i cannot imagine doing this again. Full stop.
First dress i tried on at Teokath of London, Wimbledon was the Diosa by Pronovias and i absolutely fell in love with it. OH.MY.GOD. That dress is A DRESS and much more! Waaaaa, the fabric, the fit, it was perfect! Do you want to know what wasn’t perfect? The price tag! LOL. I tried it on, twirled and twirled, almost shed a tear, took a photo of myself in it…..and handed the dress back to the consultant. It was painful *sob*
Me in my darling Diosa

The Pronovias model in Diosa

And then i tried on the Platino by Pronovias. I absoluely loved it! But it was an absolutely bad idea to try on a dress that was above my budget first because nothing lived up to it. The Platino was another beautiful A line dress i was going to consider, within budget, but it didn’t make the cut. Blame the Diosa bias.
The Pronovias model in Platino

So i tried on a million other dresses, not a million sha, like 12, mostly Lusan Mandongus and Pronovias, found nothing that spoke to me and then i tried on the Grecia by Pronovias and it was perfect.
The Pronovias model in Grecia

I didn’t get it because i didn’t like the neckline. LOL. Simple. At this point, i was exhausted, i needed food so i headed out to Nando’s…my happy place.

Made an appointment for the next day at another bridal parlour, woke up bright and early, showered, had breakfast, put on a full face of make up and set out. Today, i was determined. I only had a few days before i had to return to Nigeria. I.DID.NOT.HAVE.TIME. I got to The Wedding Shop at Wimbledon Park and felt at home immediately. The first dress that caught my eye was the Diosa. Again! AGAIN! Tell me it wasn’t following me. I walked over to it, checked the price tag, lower than at Teokath but still above budget. Guess what i did… I WALKED AWAY! I pooled all the strength i had and i walked away from that Diosa. Whew. It wasn’t easy. But i did it. I did it.
I looked around, chose about 3 dresses, made sure to stay within my budget and got to trying them on. First was Bristol by Pronovias. Yet ANOTHER A line dress that looked absolutely amazing.
The Pronovias model in Bristol

At this point, i thought i’d found my dress…until i took it off and put on the 2nd dress. In my mind, i knew i was home! I tried the 3rd dress on, just to be sure but it paled in comparison. It paled so badly, i don’t even remember the name or who it was by. It was a beautiful dress but it wasn’t mine. Dress 2 was my dress. I was home.


This is the store where i bought my dress. The consultant, Natalie, was just wonderful and made me feel right at home. We talked about everything from her son to Nigerian jollof rice to Arsenal FC. LOL

LOL, i’m just glad that dress shopping didn’t take me longer than 2 days because, quite frankly, ain’t nobody gat time for that. So that’s my dress shopping journey and it might be important to mention that my dress is not by Pronovias. LOL, who woulda thunk it?!?! I bought the dress as is and will be doing alterations in Nigeria. Will also buy a veil in Nig. #MyWeddingPlanningJourney continues


This is a late post. Scratch that. This is a VERY late post. Considering this happened a while ago. Without further ado….

Over the next few days… or weeks… or months, i’ll blog the planning process. Let’s just say, to stay true and consistent, i have A LOT of blogging to do. God help me. In the mean time, this GIF is exactly how i feel. LOL


Happy Mother’s day

Today is mother’s day.

I spent the day looking at photo’s of everyone’s mommys on Instagram.
I don’t know if i wish i could take a photo of my mommy and put it on Instagram.
I don’t think i do.
I mean, i wish i could take a picture of her but not for Instagram.
When she went to Heaven, there were no camera phones.
So if i wanted to post a photo, it would be a photo of a photo. Meh!

I wonder if she’d care about camera phones and Instagram and all of that. I bet she wouldn’t.
I wonder if she knows i wish her a happy mother’s day. She was a great mommy.
I wonder if she knows that i think i know why God took her when He did.
I miss my mommy a lot.

My cousins and aunties are great. Well, some of them.
My man’s mommy is great. God bless her.

I want to be a great mommy too… Someday.
Someday soon.

My mommy lives in Heaven.
All angels live in Heaven.
My mommy is an angel.

I’m going to post a photo of my mommy here.
It’s a photo of a photo.
I might as well

Happy mother’s day!

I read this and i liked it

I believe that every married couple should love themselves, first and foremost. They should possess genuine, sincere love for one another. They should be truthful and honest with each other. They should not hide anything from each other. They should avoid committing too many mistakes in the marriage. They should respect each other and should not take each other for granted. Marriages break when couples take each other for granted. They should ensure they are not apart from each other for long periods at a time. They should learn to tolerate each other. Everybody has a good side and a naughty side. They must be accommodating of each other’s weaknesses.

– Former first lady, Maryam Abacha at her son, Sadiq’s wedding.
A mother is a mother is a mother. Love it!


It’s funny that i’ve lived in Lagos all my life but i’ve never been to Badagry. Just weird how we live our lives from home to work and home to work and home to work. So excited to know that i’m so close to the slave cells etc. Will definitely find time to visit it.
Currently here with the boo’s family, attending a church camp. Sidebar: There’s absolutely nothing as comforting and as peaceful as being in His presence with friends. The peace!!! Been here since this morning and will be here till Sunday.
How’s your weekend going?

Lagos is random

Lagos is random. A little too random at times. Too many random ish happening here abeg. You can hardly go out somewhere without the weirdest thing happening to you to leave your face like 0_o and question your sanity. Just weird, weird, weird!

A few months ago, the boo had gone to use a particular bank’s ATM at about midnight because he had to go to church early the next day and he didn’t want to be delayed. He got there and the gate was locked and as he tried to get the security man’s attention, a police van pulled up behind him and about 6 officers jumped out with their rifles pointed at him and, long story short, they seized his car keys and took him to their station because according to them, it is illegal to use ATMs at midnight. Yes, they really said that. Just weird.

While he was “under arrest”, a man, who he later found out was the manager of a brothel, came to report a case with 2 suspects, one of the “ladies” at his brothel and her customer. The crime: The lady and her customer had agreed on a price for her service and the clearly inebriated customer was at “it” for a very long time without, erm, finishing,and the lady upset that he was taking too long, went to report to her manager, hence the arrest. Please note that the evidence presented was a used, albeit empty, condom.

Y’all should have seen the look on the boo’s face as he narrated this. LOL, I don’t know abeg. This Lagos is just too random.


I already posted the above and literally, 3 minutes later, some young dude walked up to where i was sat in front of the Aldre store, Adeniran Ogunsanya mall, Surulere and this conversation ensued.
Guy: Hello, sorry to disturb you but i saw you typing on the iPad and i’ve never touched one. I just want to touch it
He bends, touches my iPad, apologizes, bends again, touches iPad
Guy: My name is Kingsley. Don’t worry, it won’t disappear tomorrow
…and he strolls away while i look on in astonishment with my mouth still open.

Lagos is too random.