Let’s ponder this…


by Susan Sampson

An affair you say?
No, I would never let that come my way.

I love my man; my heart wouldn’t look to another.
My husband is the best; he’s my friend and lover.
My pride tells me that I could never commit adultery.
No, that would be awful; it simply isn’t me.

Then one day, the Lord revealed to me;
Just how unfaithful I could really be.

For my Maker is my husband,
the Lord Almighty is His name.
He loves me unconditionally
and wants from me the same.

He wants my soul, my body, mind, and heart.
He wants my WHOLE heart, not just a piece or part.

You are my number one, Lord;
I love you, I really do!
Of course I also love my husband;
So maybe you are number two.

And you see, Lord, I have three young children;
they really need me.
Okay, Lord, perhaps you are number three.
Well, who else is going to take care of all these chores?
I guess, Lord, you might be number four.
What about me, myself, and I?
Yes, it’s true; you are at least number five.

I can’t bear to go on; the list would be too long.
I thought that you were first in my heart;
Obviously, I was wrong.

Standing in my pride, I know I’m on shaky ground.
Oh, to be humbled; thank you Lord for bringing me down.
Down to a level where I can truly see;
What really is going on deep inside of me.

The truth of the matter is I love myself the most.
The Lord is not first in my heart;
He doesn’t come even close.
Therefore, I praise you Father with everything I can;
That even when you see my heart,
you love me just as I am.

I’m humbled by this amazing love;
Faithful, true, and pure.
His loving kindness draws me in;
Of this I can be sure.

What do I do now in response to a love of this kind?
The answer is clear:
Love my Lord with all my heart,
all my soul, and all my mind.

How is it now that I can heed this call?
I must die to myself and truly surrender all.
Then the Lord will have His rightful place;
As truly first in my heart, thanks to His amazing grace.

I’ve just read this poem by Susan Sampson and it got me thinking. How easy it is to cheat on God without even knowing we’re cheating on him. Imagine it. We’re cheating on him with the things He’s blessed us with. We, as the church, are the bride of Christ. This makes him our first husband, the one that should be most important to us. But somehow, we find a way to put everything else before Him. We put our husbands before Him, our work, our children, our socil life, everything andput him on the back burner. I’m so guilty of this. In this new year, i’m going to try to keep God first. Him and nothing else. Because i know if i manage to do this, everything else, my husband, my family, my work, my finances, my social life, EVERYTHING, will go beautifully. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Something else that hit me after reading that, if i can “cheat” on God, see how easy it might be to cheat on my partner? Without even knowing? Let’s think about this. Let’s talk about it.


Whoohoo! Here’s my birthday wishlist :D

*In Madea’s voice* Hellluuuurrrr
*In Wendy Williams’ voice* How you doing?
(I’ve obviously been watching a lot of TV)

Ok, i’ll cut to the chase, my birthday is in November and for the first time ever, i’m putting out a wishlist. This will help all my friends and family know and decide what they would like to get me as i grow older. I do this for you, i have your backs. I wouldn’t wanna see y’all having sleepless nights, tossing and turning, tryna decide what to get me. I love you so i have decided to make it easier this year. I’m releasing a wishlist. You’re all welcome. Without further ado,  get ready for Pamela’s Birthday wishlist 2011 *applause*

  • iPad 2, 32GB, WiFi + 3G
    Don’t ask me why i need an iPad, i just do. Full stop!
    Retail price: $600
  • That extra half an inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between by Victoria Beckham (Paperback or Hardback)
    I’ve wanted this book for as long as i remember. Why i never got it for myself, i don’t understand. Since y’all love me, you might as well buy it. No?
    Retail price: about $15

  • The BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900
    Hot ass Blackberry!!! I keep staring at it whenever i see it. Besides, my 9780 is starting to misbehave…goes off at will and the “y” button requires me to hit the gym before it responds. So if you buy me this phone, consider it a need and not a want *cute smile*
  • Amy Bag by Paul’s boutique
    I keep staring at this bag on the TopShop site…i think it’s cute. I want it!!!!!
    Retail price: GBP50
  • ASOS Pumpkin Suede platform shoes (in blue or colour block)
    Y’all know i gotta have my shoes!!! This babies are from the ASOS brand and it comes in different colors
    Retail price: GBP60
  • Carvela Ginger Leopard print slingback heeled sandal
    …and another pair of shoes. These ones are by Carvela and the animal print is to die for!!!
    Retail price: GBP100
  • ASOS midi dress with mixed sequin and mesh
    This cute ass ASOS dress is lovely. Mesh, sequins and see, it’s long!!! Like that’ll be a welcome change to my wardrobe. LOL
    Retail price: GBP50
  • Heavy metal plasteramic watch by ToyWatch in Rose Gold and Black
    My list cannot be complete without a wristwatch. They are still my first “material” loves
    Retail Price: $335 (I’ll go see how much it is at that ToyWatch store at the galleria and update this :D)

  • I also really need a new laptop, as my Dell has decided to give me high blood pressure. I won’t do specifics here just follow your hearts and buy me a HARD laptop with all the perks. That HP by Vivienne Tam one is not bad at all sha. iKid!
  • Then, i want a cartoon tee shirt. Preferably Superman or SpongeBob

Soooo, that’ll be it for this year. Y’all have to admit i’ve been nice as i didn’t include the Christian Louboutin Daffodil 160mm (in black) that i’m currently coveting. It retails at $995 sha so if the Lord lays it on any of your hearts to sow it into my life, then bya ll means, do just that.

You can leave a comment in the comment box below stating what item you will be buying. I also have this cool feature where a group of you can pool resources and buy me an item as a group. I’m nice (say “thank you”)

I also really hate that Ore posted her wishlist before me. You can see hers here. Her blog is great too.


Kamar has the cutest Samsung phone, i forget the name now. S1 or S2 or something. It has some crazy apps on it, like WOW. Kept staring at it in church yesterday. If only RIM would release us from this chokehold it has us in *sigh*


Shoe size – UK 7/40, US9
Cloth size – UK8/10, US S/M (This depresses me to no end)


Y’all didn’t think i’d forget to say when my birthday is, did you. The Boogie was born on the 17th of November…start saving and start purchasing 😀


Young Ladies mentoring programme

I know a lot of wonderful people and one of them is my beautiful friend, Funmi. She’s putting together a mentoring program for young girls. Read about it below:

Young ladies Mentoring (Y.L.M) is a not-for-profit organization in Lagos, Nigeria geared towards assisting young ladies with positivity, focus, purpose, self
esteem, and leadership.

Within this program, we take pride working with our young ladies in order to help themselves daily. We recognize life brings challenges but we want them to take the first step into the best days of their life. It is a free but highly competitive
programme so early application is advised.

Mentee Eligibility Requirements:
Must be female between the ages of 15 and 21
Must demonstrate willingness and open mindedness to change any
NEGATIVE behaviors

Please if you know anyone that may benefit from this, please have them
contact her on funms28@gmail.com or leave a message here. Thankies 😀

We still look good ;o)

Growing up, I didn’t know a lot about diseases. I knew about measles, mumps and chicken pox because either I or my brothers had contacted one or the other at one time. I didn’t know anything about sickle cell but since I read a lot, I knew it was something that had to do with the blood and sickle shaped cells that made you very ill. Left to me, it was none of my business because it didn’t affect me or anyone I knew directly *shrugs*. 

Fast forward to high school, QC had loads and loads of girls from different backgrounds, tall, short, fat, thin and of course, girls of different genotypes. Yes, by now I knew the meanings and differences between blood groups and genotypes ;o) One particular classmate of mine struck me the most. She was VERY pretty, her hair cascaded down her back and her complexion could be described as golden. She was loads and loads of fun (she still is, if I might add), very friendly and she had loads of admirers *wink*. 

Knowing all these, it made me sad when she’d miss school for days on end, due to illnesses caused by her SS genotype. I could only imagine the sort of pain she went through but before u knew it she was back in school, her same old bubbly self, smiling and laughing everywhere and you momentarily forgot about the illness until it resurfaced again, which like a thief in the night, it always did. Her pretty feline eyes would get yellow, she’d lose weight and she’d be unusually quiet. And then she’d bounce back again. It was a very annoying cycle. 

Now we’re older and wiser, we try to manage these things; we continually learn new ways to keep ourselves safe and health. Bukola is still my friend and she’s still very beautiful. Imagine how much more beautiful she would be without the scourge of this deadly disease known as the sickle cell anaemia.  Regardless, she’s still one of the flyest and prettiest people I know. Discovered thousands of years ago, a cure is yet to be found. 

While we sit, wait and pray, we might as well do things to make life easier while we live in this world with this disease. I would like to give props to Tosyn Bucknor for her “Jeans for genes” initiative, a tee shirt and jeans party tagged “Looking good in these genes”. The 2nd edition of this event comes up at 3pm on the 27th of March 2010 at Swe Bar, City Mall, Onikan, Lagos to raise awareness on this disease as well as try to help a lady living with sickle cell pay her hospital bills.  The event will feature fashion shows by tee shirt designers including Strictly Naija, Imagine clothing,  Toni Payne, OUCH, Happy Faces et cetera  with music by S.K.A.L.E.S., Dipp, Skuki, Lami, Hakym the Dream, Zara, Overdose, Willy Bang, Loose Kaynon, Mo Cheddah and others. We’ll come out and party because we know that despite the shape of our blood cells, we still look good. There’ll also be t-shirts and accessories for sale as well as a photo shoot and models on a runway *wink*. For any more information on this event or the cause as a whole, please visit http://www.thesegenes.blogspot.com.

Obama magazine covers + Colin Powell dancing yahoozee + MOBO awards 2008 winners

And so today, i continue my Obama campaign (y’all would think i were an American voter or something) by bringing y’all a collage of some of the magazine covers Mr Swagger himself has graced. The guy always has this dapper steez. YES WE CAN!!! Enjoy……………

Just saw something funny and thought to share with y’all, sure some of u’ve seen the pics and all. ITS COLIN POWELL, FORMER US SECRETARY OF STATE DANCING YAHOOZEE!!!This ridiculousness went down at the ThisDay Africa Rising concert which held at the Royal Albert Music Hall, London, England. WTF(in a good way)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good to know Naija dance is making an impact outside these shores…lol. SMH at the look on Olu Maintain’s face and the bad way the cameras caught him, he looks constipated. Some hilarious ish there.

The MOBO awards went down yesterday hosted by Mel B and Rev Run and yes, people, we brought it home. Told y’all we had more than enough space for the plaques. 9ice took the Best African Act trophy…super nice!!!
Here’s a full list of winners:
Best UK Female: Estelle
Best UK Male: Dizzee Rascal
Best Song: American Boy-Estelle
Best Video: Bleeding love-Leona Lewis
Best Album: Spirit
Best International Act: Chris Brown
Best R&B/Soul: Chris Brown
Best Hip Hop: Lil’ Wayne
Best UK Newcomer Award: Chipmunk
Best Reggae Award: Mavado
Best Jazz Award: Yolanda Brown
Best Gospel Award: Jahaziel
Best African Act: 9ice
DJ Awards: Trevor Nelson (radio) and Tim Westwood (club)
Lifetime Achievement Award: Motown Records
BeMOBO Award: Ricky McCalla
Here’s a photo of our guy, 9ice, at the MOBOs. The jury’s still out on his outfit, wot do y’all think???

Saw something today that gave me a very big wake up call. It just basically made me realise that u can do whatever it is you set ur mind to. Hold on to your inspirations, keep those that inspire you around and get rid of them haters.

I’m out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A little faith

It’s so frustrating how from time to time things go soooooo bad and you feel like you’re completely beat down and in serious need of a pick me up as in a major pick me up. When nothing seems to be going right and you can’t find anything to make it better. In a bid not to come off too spiritual, i’m using this post as my prayer for everybody going through one hard thing or the other. Keep the faith, life’s gonna get better. God bless you.


I’ve been really excited bout this post. Its my music edition. Yipppeeee. I’m thinking of making it a monthly kind post. Wot do u guys think? Anyway these are a coupla songs i’m feeling right now.

MISS INDEPENDENT by Ne-yo: Ne-yo’s hot ode to the woman that does it for herself. According to my boy, Ne-yo, “there’s something sexy bout a woman that don’t need my help”. Nice beat and everything, Pretty catchy.

HERE I AM by Rick Ross ft Nelly & Avery Storm: The Boss’ take at being romantic and repping his down ass chic turns out to be a rather good one. Nelly’s protegee, Avery Storm holds it down on the chorus and the video’s the icing on the cake. Great song.

BABY by LL Cool J ft The Dream: The 1st single off LL’S 13th studio album is just super. Hard to believe he’s been in the game so long. A feel good track for the ladies. C’mon how many times do we hear them call themselves our baby???

GOOGLE ME by Teyana Taylor: Pharell protegee, Teyana’s putting down with the a major corky swag (listen to her say, “put it in your search engine, Teyana, the princess of Harlem, baby, you can google me”) that its hard to believe she’s just 17 and this is her first ever single. But, people, she killed it!!! She dances, sings and raps. Is it too early to say she’s a phenomenon? Let’s hear her album. I can’t wait.

WE BREAK THE DAWN by Michelle Williams: DC’s Michelle’s first secular endeavour was rather unexpected,like her album title. Being a big DC fan and all, i was always of the mind that Michelle had zero moves but after i saw her dance in the video + all those cute ass male models/dancers, y’all know i changed my song. Cool song, catchy and definitely gets me moving all the time.

DISTURBIA by Rihanna: I personally choose to call her the queen of 2008 cos she’s held it down BIG TIME. Bringing hit after hit, if, for some reason, u don’t like Riri, u , at least, have to give her props for being such a hard worker. In this song, i think she’s explaining the confusing state her head’s in. That’s my own explanation o, What’s urs? I like the song sha.

COMFORTABLE by Lil Wayne ft Babyface: Its Weezy and Babyface,people. Wot more can i say?

LE F’ENU SO by Lord of Ajasa ft 9ice: The best naija collabo i’ve heard in a while. Their yoruba captures you in good ways especially if u understand the language. For those who don’t understand the language, the song is basically an “i don’t care if u hate, i’ma keep making dough”song. Very well worded. Tight song.

LIVE YOUR LIFE by T.I. ft Rihanna: My number 1 song right now. The song’s SMOKING!!! Those who saw the VMA performance probably know what i’m talking bout. I love the song so m uch, its hard to believe i didn’t watch the VMAs…lol

RINGTONE by Naeto C: This is Naeto C bringing it in a kinda old school/urban way. U don’t get how he can do that at the same time,right? I don’t either. Slammin’ song.

I KISSED A GIRL by Katy Perry: Bold debut from the newcomer telling us how she carried out her fantasy and hopes her man doesn’t mind… lol. Didn’t like this song at first but it’s grown on me. What can i say? Maybe i’m naughty too…

NO SUBSTITUTE LOVE by Estelle: The anthem every woman’s scared to sing. Ms. Estelle drops it with passion and all of a sudden we ain’t that scared to sing it anymore…lol

Ok, people, i’ve shared with y’all a bit of what i have on rotation right now. So what’re u guys listening to right now????????? Let me know.