Sorta random…

I’m at my desk at work and i’ve spent most of the morning reading stuff, watching stuff and basically doing every other thing but what i’m actually paid to do *sigh*

A few things have happened to me in the past couple of days that’ve really got me thinking. Let me pour some ish out randomly…

I’m still that old school girl that wants her man to woo her. Woo me everyday, work to keep me because i think know i am the best thing since sliced bread (what came before sliced bread sef?). Any man that doesn’t think he needs to put in extra work needs to go all the way to the left. No excuses. Any man that is deluded enough to think he’s still at that point where he needs to bag everything with a vagina needs to put on some walking shoes. Go on over to em vaginas. God does not want him with ME. Eff all that unnecessary drama, i know who i am and i know what i’m worth. I will not be with a man that makes me consider cheating on him. Yes, judge and jury, feel free to call me old school, I already call myself that. I will dedicate my time to a man who has enough self esteem to recognize that I am the best partner for him and enough self confidence to know what to do to keep me. I’m not going to spend my time working on a relationship alone.Sort your issues out somewhere else. Come, let’s be teammates in every sport you can think off. Let’s debate and trash our opponents. Let’s roll around in the grass and experience earth shaking explosions. Even the corny shit. Let’s be on the same page!

My BA in English has made my life difficult considering i expect everyone i have conversations with to know the difference between a comma, a questionmark and a full stop, even in speech. You will be shocked at how many are clueless to this.It goes without saying that i’m a walking talking lie detector (don’t ask me how this and my English degree are connected, they just are). Add my paranoia of epic levels (i promise, i’m working to get rid of it) to this mix and you’ll realize that if i never call you out on a lie, it’s because i’m ignoring it. The day will come when i no longer will.

If you have a contract/ agreement or what not with another person, uphold it! Do all you can, stick to the script and follow through. You owe it to yourself and God to be upright. If you see yourself reneging along the line or for whatever reason you are unable to stick to your manifesto, opt out! Do not make a fool of your partner. Do not! As for those ones who do not even intend to follow through from the very beginning, no words, just know that the molten lava in your corner of hell is even too hot for satan himself. You will suffer.

Another thing that has irked me for a while now is how i keep coming in contact with people with absolutely no drive for ANYTHING. Like, how can you be alive and not be interested in anything at all??? No need rambling about this, we just can’t be friends. End of!

This is probably the angriest thing i’ve ever written. Forgive me, please. I’m just really tired of this BS. Hopefully, I will get out of this funk soon.