Lagos is random

Lagos is random. A little too random at times. Too many random ish happening here abeg. You can hardly go out somewhere without the weirdest thing happening to you to leave your face like 0_o and question your sanity. Just weird, weird, weird!

A few months ago, the boo had gone to use a particular bank’s ATM at about midnight because he had to go to church early the next day and he didn’t want to be delayed. He got there and the gate was locked and as he tried to get the security man’s attention, a police van pulled up behind him and about 6 officers jumped out with their rifles pointed at him and, long story short, they seized his car keys and took him to their station because according to them, it is illegal to use ATMs at midnight. Yes, they really said that. Just weird.

While he was “under arrest”, a man, who he later found out was the manager of a brothel, came to report a case with 2 suspects, one of the “ladies” at his brothel and her customer. The crime: The lady and her customer had agreed on a price for her service and the clearly inebriated customer was at “it” for a very long time without, erm, finishing,and the lady upset that he was taking too long, went to report to her manager, hence the arrest. Please note that the evidence presented was a used, albeit empty, condom.

Y’all should have seen the look on the boo’s face as he narrated this. LOL, I don’t know abeg. This Lagos is just too random.


I already posted the above and literally, 3 minutes later, some young dude walked up to where i was sat in front of the Aldre store, Adeniran Ogunsanya mall, Surulere and this conversation ensued.
Guy: Hello, sorry to disturb you but i saw you typing on the iPad and i’ve never touched one. I just want to touch it
He bends, touches my iPad, apologizes, bends again, touches iPad
Guy: My name is Kingsley. Don’t worry, it won’t disappear tomorrow
…and he strolls away while i look on in astonishment with my mouth still open.

Lagos is too random.


Been long you saw me

Sitting in this salon…i better explain this salon to you. My landlord let out one of the little “rooms” in front of the building and it’s now a salon. So i’ve decided to wash my hair here today. The way random people walk into the gate is getting on my nerves BAD! Can’t wait to leave this house for real. Really don’t wanna have to pay him rent again. *sigh*. Anyway, i’m sitting at this salon, playing on my iPad, i downloaded the WordPress app, logged into my account and started reading posts from 2011. It’s been FOREVER!!!!!! And i’ve, all of a sudden, realized that i actually missed blogging.
My birthday wishlist was an astounding success!!! Of all the items on that list, i think the only thing i didn’t get was the Victoria Beckham book which i’m putting back on the list this year. LOL. My special somebody gave me the iPad, the Blackberry 9900, a banging HP laptop with Beats by Dre audio output and a lot of dresses. Needless to say, it was a great birthday. Can’t wait to do my 2012 wishlist *now scheming*.
It really feels good to be back on here and i’m going to try and i’m going to try to blog more often. Can’t be limiting all the randomness to twitter alone. Let WordPress get some love too. See you soon!

#NowPlaying G4L – Rihanna


Sorta random…

I’m at my desk at work and i’ve spent most of the morning reading stuff, watching stuff and basically doing every other thing but what i’m actually paid to do *sigh*

A few things have happened to me in the past couple of days that’ve really got me thinking. Let me pour some ish out randomly…

I’m still that old school girl that wants her man to woo her. Woo me everyday, work to keep me because i think know i am the best thing since sliced bread (what came before sliced bread sef?). Any man that doesn’t think he needs to put in extra work needs to go all the way to the left. No excuses. Any man that is deluded enough to think he’s still at that point where he needs to bag everything with a vagina needs to put on some walking shoes. Go on over to em vaginas. God does not want him with ME. Eff all that unnecessary drama, i know who i am and i know what i’m worth. I will not be with a man that makes me consider cheating on him. Yes, judge and jury, feel free to call me old school, I already call myself that. I will dedicate my time to a man who has enough self esteem to recognize that I am the best partner for him and enough self confidence to know what to do to keep me. I’m not going to spend my time working on a relationship alone.Sort your issues out somewhere else. Come, let’s be teammates in every sport you can think off. Let’s debate and trash our opponents. Let’s roll around in the grass and experience earth shaking explosions. Even the corny shit. Let’s be on the same page!

My BA in English has made my life difficult considering i expect everyone i have conversations with to know the difference between a comma, a questionmark and a full stop, even in speech. You will be shocked at how many are clueless to this.It goes without saying that i’m a walking talking lie detector (don’t ask me how this and my English degree are connected, they just are). Add my paranoia of epic levels (i promise, i’m working to get rid of it) to this mix and you’ll realize that if i never call you out on a lie, it’s because i’m ignoring it. The day will come when i no longer will.

If you have a contract/ agreement or what not with another person, uphold it! Do all you can, stick to the script and follow through. You owe it to yourself and God to be upright. If you see yourself reneging along the line or for whatever reason you are unable to stick to your manifesto, opt out! Do not make a fool of your partner. Do not! As for those ones who do not even intend to follow through from the very beginning, no words, just know that the molten lava in your corner of hell is even too hot for satan himself. You will suffer.

Another thing that has irked me for a while now is how i keep coming in contact with people with absolutely no drive for ANYTHING. Like, how can you be alive and not be interested in anything at all??? No need rambling about this, we just can’t be friends. End of!

This is probably the angriest thing i’ve ever written. Forgive me, please. I’m just really tired of this BS. Hopefully, I will get out of this funk soon.



Never say never???

Two people i know, who are in a relationship, after watching “What’s your number?”, a movie starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans got into a rather weird conversation. The guy made it known that the movie had given him ideas and his girlfriend went on to ask him which of his exes he would like to marry (you need to watch the movie to understand why she asked this) with the guy mentioning the name of an ex girlfriend whom he had dated on & off more than 3 times in different years, let’s call her “Becky”. At this point, alarm bells had started ringing in my ears like “Huh? How do you even tell your girlfriend that you are considering marrying another woman?” But it wasn’t my business so i went back to siddon look mode, eavesdropping on the rest of the convo. Apparently, bf’s parents and Becky’s parents are close friends so this was part of bf’s reason for considering it a perfect marriage situation for him. I noticed that gf was still sitting there with her eyes misty like she was fighting back tears, when i heard her ask “How can i be sitting beside you and you’re telling me that you’re thinking of marrying someone else?” and her bf replied, “As long as you’re not married to anyone yet, then you should never say never“. I picked my jaw off the ground and excused myself as i refused to be in the line of fire when gf turned to a dragon and started spitting fire, i cherish my life.

This whole episode really got me thinking. No matter how i respect bf’s bluntness, I can’t help but ask myself what two people are doing in a relationship when one of them is still burning candles for his exes. I would think that as long as you’re in a committed relationship, you would focus your mind and fantasies about the future on your significant other. That’s my opinion sha, I’m no expert. However, I’d like to know what y’all think…

Whoohoo! Here’s my birthday wishlist :D

*In Madea’s voice* Hellluuuurrrr
*In Wendy Williams’ voice* How you doing?
(I’ve obviously been watching a lot of TV)

Ok, i’ll cut to the chase, my birthday is in November and for the first time ever, i’m putting out a wishlist. This will help all my friends and family know and decide what they would like to get me as i grow older. I do this for you, i have your backs. I wouldn’t wanna see y’all having sleepless nights, tossing and turning, tryna decide what to get me. I love you so i have decided to make it easier this year. I’m releasing a wishlist. You’re all welcome. Without further ado,  get ready for Pamela’s Birthday wishlist 2011 *applause*

  • iPad 2, 32GB, WiFi + 3G
    Don’t ask me why i need an iPad, i just do. Full stop!
    Retail price: $600
  • That extra half an inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between by Victoria Beckham (Paperback or Hardback)
    I’ve wanted this book for as long as i remember. Why i never got it for myself, i don’t understand. Since y’all love me, you might as well buy it. No?
    Retail price: about $15

  • The BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900
    Hot ass Blackberry!!! I keep staring at it whenever i see it. Besides, my 9780 is starting to misbehave…goes off at will and the “y” button requires me to hit the gym before it responds. So if you buy me this phone, consider it a need and not a want *cute smile*
  • Amy Bag by Paul’s boutique
    I keep staring at this bag on the TopShop site…i think it’s cute. I want it!!!!!
    Retail price: GBP50
  • ASOS Pumpkin Suede platform shoes (in blue or colour block)
    Y’all know i gotta have my shoes!!! This babies are from the ASOS brand and it comes in different colors
    Retail price: GBP60
  • Carvela Ginger Leopard print slingback heeled sandal
    …and another pair of shoes. These ones are by Carvela and the animal print is to die for!!!
    Retail price: GBP100
  • ASOS midi dress with mixed sequin and mesh
    This cute ass ASOS dress is lovely. Mesh, sequins and see, it’s long!!! Like that’ll be a welcome change to my wardrobe. LOL
    Retail price: GBP50
  • Heavy metal plasteramic watch by ToyWatch in Rose Gold and Black
    My list cannot be complete without a wristwatch. They are still my first “material” loves
    Retail Price: $335 (I’ll go see how much it is at that ToyWatch store at the galleria and update this :D)

  • I also really need a new laptop, as my Dell has decided to give me high blood pressure. I won’t do specifics here just follow your hearts and buy me a HARD laptop with all the perks. That HP by Vivienne Tam one is not bad at all sha. iKid!
  • Then, i want a cartoon tee shirt. Preferably Superman or SpongeBob

Soooo, that’ll be it for this year. Y’all have to admit i’ve been nice as i didn’t include the Christian Louboutin Daffodil 160mm (in black) that i’m currently coveting. It retails at $995 sha so if the Lord lays it on any of your hearts to sow it into my life, then bya ll means, do just that.

You can leave a comment in the comment box below stating what item you will be buying. I also have this cool feature where a group of you can pool resources and buy me an item as a group. I’m nice (say “thank you”)

I also really hate that Ore posted her wishlist before me. You can see hers here. Her blog is great too.


Kamar has the cutest Samsung phone, i forget the name now. S1 or S2 or something. It has some crazy apps on it, like WOW. Kept staring at it in church yesterday. If only RIM would release us from this chokehold it has us in *sigh*


Shoe size – UK 7/40, US9
Cloth size – UK8/10, US S/M (This depresses me to no end)


Y’all didn’t think i’d forget to say when my birthday is, did you. The Boogie was born on the 17th of November…start saving and start purchasing 😀



I was reading one blog i like to check in on from time to time, Stella’s addiction, a beauty blog, and i saw a rather interesting tag post that, apparently, had been going around blogsville for a while and as Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of “Last Carriers Association”, i have decided to do a *drumroll* “What’s in my bag tag?” *applause*

These are the rules:

1. Take a picture of your bag.
2. Take a picture of its contents.
3. Explain!
4. Tag as many bloggers as you want, that you’d like to see the contents of their bags.

Don’t y’all wonder what that other lady has in her bag sometimes? I know i do…

Soooo here goes:


When i got this bag, it was supposed to be the “informal” bag but laziness no dey gree me change bag sometimes so it has become the work bag, the church bag and the play bag. LOL! It’s by Nine West and i think it’s really pretty. I’d seen it online in brown which i already liked and was thinking of getting so when i saw this colour in the Nine West store at the mall on my last trip, it was love… and i’ve recently gotten into charms. I have 2 on this bag.


1. My makeup purse: I don’t know if i really need to explain this as i’m sure EVERY woman logs one of these around. You gotta keep the face looking right, heeeyyyy!!!

2. Half eaten pack of Maryland cookies (Double choc): X_X Everybody that knows me knows how much i LOVE food. I always have something to munch on in my bag EVERY TIME!

3. My iPod: I carry my iPod everywhere i go. In Lagos, it’s necessary as you will, inevitably, find yourself in a situation where you have to drown sounds out. I heart my iPod.

4. My work ID: I have this on me all the time, even on weekends

5. My cheque book: Tattered and torn, my darling cheque book has been with me through good times and bad and it stays in the bag permanently o. LOL

6. My nail file: In case of that annoying chipped nail that can happen anywhere.

7. Face wipes: This is probably more compulsory than all the rest because in this Lagos weather, my face needs its freshness abeg.

8. Hand cream: To get rid of any unwanted ashiness in the course of my day. This is Bath and Body Works Anti bacterial moisturizing hand lotion in Dancing Waters. The smell is divine.

 9. Hand sanitizer: I’m not a germophobe or anything of the sort but let’s just stay healthy sha

10. Perfume: I always try to have a 30ml bottle of perfume in my bag at all times. Something will always come up where you’ll need to smell fresher than you already do and I find it rather inconvenient logging my large perfume bottles around. This is DKNY Be Delicious.

11. My BlackBerry charger: NEPA’s incompetence and the poor battery life on the Blackberry make sure this charger stays permanently in the bag *sigh*

12. My house keys: No explanation needed 😀

13. My umbrella: I can’t let Lagos rains blindside me o.

14. Hair pins/ruffles etc: Sometimes leaving my hair down gets really inconvenient so i always make sure i have at least 2 hair pins and one hair ruffle in my bag.

15. Sunglasses: I carry these around to protect my eyes from the sunlight…or just to look cool-er 😀

16. Pen and notebook: I find that i always feel the need to write stuff down. It’s a habit.

17. My wallet: This contains cash, bank cards, business cards, sim cards, pictures etc etc etc

There you have it…that’s my bag. I wanna see yours 😀