#MyWeddingPlanningJourney – Part 7 – We Got Married, y’all!!!

Soooooo call me Mrs I!!!!!!! It’s done and dusted, everyone. You cannot imagine how happy i am. The stress is finally over. I now get to live in a new house and now have a new name. Such a weird thing!!! Ok, about the wedding. Look, if i tell you that i don’t remember much, understand that i’m not lying. I sincerely do not remember much. Everything went by SO FAST!

The most memorable thing for me is the fact that i was in bed at 5pm on the day of the wedding. Look, it was straight up “Wham, bam, thank you ma’am” (Can you say this when you’re not talking about quick sex? I don’t know. Forgive me if i’ve used it wrong) Really just trying to say that i love that the ceremony and reception were straight to the point.

Yay! Finally rounding up this series. It was fun, wasn’t it? The tears i cried during this planning process ehn… *deep sigh* I’m just glad it’s over. Thanks for staying with me through this. I don’t know that i could have done it without you all.

Honeymoon tahm!!! Hello Barbados…


Look out for the photo roundup. It’ll be the last post in this series 🙂