Let’s ponder this…


by Susan Sampson

An affair you say?
No, I would never let that come my way.

I love my man; my heart wouldn’t look to another.
My husband is the best; he’s my friend and lover.
My pride tells me that I could never commit adultery.
No, that would be awful; it simply isn’t me.

Then one day, the Lord revealed to me;
Just how unfaithful I could really be.

For my Maker is my husband,
the Lord Almighty is His name.
He loves me unconditionally
and wants from me the same.

He wants my soul, my body, mind, and heart.
He wants my WHOLE heart, not just a piece or part.

You are my number one, Lord;
I love you, I really do!
Of course I also love my husband;
So maybe you are number two.

And you see, Lord, I have three young children;
they really need me.
Okay, Lord, perhaps you are number three.
Well, who else is going to take care of all these chores?
I guess, Lord, you might be number four.
What about me, myself, and I?
Yes, it’s true; you are at least number five.

I can’t bear to go on; the list would be too long.
I thought that you were first in my heart;
Obviously, I was wrong.

Standing in my pride, I know I’m on shaky ground.
Oh, to be humbled; thank you Lord for bringing me down.
Down to a level where I can truly see;
What really is going on deep inside of me.

The truth of the matter is I love myself the most.
The Lord is not first in my heart;
He doesn’t come even close.
Therefore, I praise you Father with everything I can;
That even when you see my heart,
you love me just as I am.

I’m humbled by this amazing love;
Faithful, true, and pure.
His loving kindness draws me in;
Of this I can be sure.

What do I do now in response to a love of this kind?
The answer is clear:
Love my Lord with all my heart,
all my soul, and all my mind.

How is it now that I can heed this call?
I must die to myself and truly surrender all.
Then the Lord will have His rightful place;
As truly first in my heart, thanks to His amazing grace.

I’ve just read this poem by Susan Sampson and it got me thinking. How easy it is to cheat on God without even knowing we’re cheating on him. Imagine it. We’re cheating on him with the things He’s blessed us with. We, as the church, are the bride of Christ. This makes him our first husband, the one that should be most important to us. But somehow, we find a way to put everything else before Him. We put our husbands before Him, our work, our children, our socil life, everything andput him on the back burner. I’m so guilty of this. In this new year, i’m going to try to keep God first. Him and nothing else. Because i know if i manage to do this, everything else, my husband, my family, my work, my finances, my social life, EVERYTHING, will go beautifully. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Something else that hit me after reading that, if i can “cheat” on God, see how easy it might be to cheat on my partner? Without even knowing? Let’s think about this. Let’s talk about it.


#MyWeddingPlanningJourney – Part 4 – The proposal

I haven’t posted as much as I would love to, just that i’ve been extremely busy with work and wedding planning. The stress is unbelievable! So let me publish this post i’ve had sitting in my drafts for a while now. It’s the proposal. Yay!

Let me start from the beginning.

I’ve been in a relationship with an amazing amazing (so good, i had to say it twice) man, we’ve been together for just over 2 years in this great great (so great i had to say it twice, LOL) friendship. He is my homie, like, leave the cliche, but he’s the true Clyde to my Bonnie. We have been through it! Laughs, FIGHTS, drama *rolls eyes* EVERYTHING! From the day we got together, he put forward his “manifesto” (LOL) and we began our journey. If i had nothing else to say about our relationship, i’d say this one thing. It has not been boring. We’ve been through some things I could definitely do without but i know this has worked well to bring us where we are now and i’m grateful to God.

A few months ago, we decided it was time to start planning the wedding in that “We know we are getting married anywayyyyy, let’s do it in September” way and i’d often ask “Are we engaged?” and he’d annoyingly answer, “No, i promised you marriage”. Like, “Ugh, what does that even mean???” So we told our families and started quietly planning. But through all this, for some reason, i wanted a formal proposal. Not for any novelty reason, but just so we wouldn’t just “fall” into the marriage. I don’t know if this makes sense. LOL, i do admit that a big reason i wanted a proposal was to hear Mr V (Let’s call him that, shall we?)tell me beautiful things and see if either of us would shed a tear or two. LOL. So, long story short, we were planning our wedding but we weren’t formally engaged. So weird. LOL.

Fast forward a couple months, we were in the UK, we’d been to the jewelers to see what kind of ring i liked. Mr V even tried to buy it on the spot, ya know, to get out of the cringiness of a proposal. LOOOOL, I wasn’t having that. “Mr man, you must propose utunu!” A few days later, almost midnight, indoors with his Dad, Mom, older sister and brother in law, discussing wedding plans, somehow the gist drifted to rings and his sis asked “Mr V, have you guys chosen rings?” and somehow amidst plenty laughter, my adorable homie/boyfriend/fiance poured out his heart, went on his knees and brought out of his pocket, this little black box that had in it the most beautiful half carat diamond, set in white gold. The exact ring i wanted. LOL, i didn’t cry, too cheesy, but i laughed hard. Because i was so ecstatic. And today, i pray that, in Jesus’ name, that laughter will never leave our lives. Amen.

LOL, so that’s that. The proposal.

P.S. There’s a video of this somewhere and i’ll put it up one of these days…maybe

Just live…

Found this post saved in my Blackberry’s memopad. I don’t quite remember if I planned to share it but I’m posting it regardless.

“I’m in bed and I grab my blackberry with a start,Yeepa!!! I can see light sipping in from the curtains so I’m wondering why my alarm didn’t go off and then I remember its Saturday n I heave a sigh of relief and close my eyes even tighter. Ope o! Then I remember how rough last night was, too many things on my mind, I kept tossing and turning. My rent is due, an issue which,at my age, I really shouldn’t be bothering about but since I’m at some people’s mercy, its a valid worry. My rent is due. I have a new job with a 3billion naira target and I have NO idea where on earth or even, heaven I’m supposed to find that kinda money. I know I have a hot, banging bod, but I don’t think I’d give “booty money” to the coy so THAT is not even an option. My lil brother’s “says” he’s broke and keeps reminding me even wen I tell him I’m broke too, he doesn’t believe me, I guess, that really isn’t any of his business, like my boss says, “Show me the money”. The only answer my li’l brother’ll understand is the text message alert saying his account’s been credited. I, alone, know why my head hasn’t exploded yet. Then again, do I really know? How do I go through all this and still smile when I run into that cool girl with the louis vuitton miroir on her arm, the one that drives the VW Touareg, yeah, that one. How do I smile when I see her in the street? I smile, a full megawatt smile with my beautiful white teeth on display too, because I know that even if my rent is due, 4 months due to be precise, everything’ll be ok *cheese*”

LOLZ. I’m proud to say that I know longer crave the LV miroir but one super hawt LV damier. No longer care for the VW Touareg but I’m now gaga for the VW Passat (have u seen how the black ones shine? So sleekysleeky) and yes, my rent has been paid for a while now. *cheese*

This just goes to show that – No condition is permanent. Just live, God’ll take care of the rest.

Pains + 10things

Hey people,

I’m in a lot of pain as i write this. Menstrual pains. And i can’t even explain to you the way it came… just like that. so friggin’ annoying. You’d think by now, I’d be used to it, considering its been constant for about 10 yrs now. Yes, i only started menstruating at 16. Yay, me!!! even with all this pain i’m feeling, i still thank God because believe it or not, some 25 yr olds have never menstruated due to some medical condition or the other. That being said, let’s remember to thank God for everything going on with us…even the ones that annoy us…like menstruation.

Anyways, I’ve had a quiet week so far, mainly cos my boss is out of town. LOL. I wanna get on the “10 things i love” train. Better late than never, eh? Here goes…

1. GOD…. For reasons I’m sure i don’t have to explain. His awesomeness is immeasurable.

2. MYSELF!!! No apologies. I like my eyes, my nose, my mouth, my legs, my heart,my liver, my kidney, my spleen, my pinky toe, my ever changing sense of style, the way i sleep off when I’m watching a movie, the way i can eat 6million times a day n nothing whatsoever changes as far as my body size goes. LOLZ, I’m a Boogie lover, how ’bout u?

3. FOOD…. Had to write that in caps cos i need to explain to you how much i luv food. I’m sure you guessed it already. I eat n keep eating and eat and eat and eat. OK, u get me now.

4. WATER…. It gives me peace. Can’t even explain it. Once upon a time, i felt i could make things happen if i said them out loud staring at the ocean. I still believe it sometimes sef. I like water sha. Hell, i even like drinking water. Aiming to own a yacht someday. Whenever i see that boat, Nana, i just start firing prayer. LOL. Name suggestions for mine, please.

5. MUSIC…. I had to write that too in caps cos, it might sound cliche, but music is my life. I know its generic but i don’t have a particular genre that i’m biased to. i luv all sorts of music. #nowplaying Bami lo by Naeto C

6. My Blackberry…. That is until all those crazy tech people create something else to knock this one off the list. But for now, My Blackberry Tour 9630 is no. 5 *cheese*

7. My family and my friends…. Listen to me when i say this. They have proven to me that there’s no greater love. I mean, this is a good example of love to infinity. People that annoy the living daylight out of you but you know if anything ever happened to them, you’d never be the same. God has blessed me in this department and i thank Him. My friends know themselves and i love you to no end.

8. Watches…. This is more like a “something i love RIGHT NOW” but its crazy. Within the last 2 weeks, with the help of Jayla and Victor, I’ve bought 4 and i know I’m not done. Help!!! P.s. I didn’t buy a Toy Watch but i shall, oh yes, i shall! LOLZ

9. Shoes…. Shoes ooo!!! This is a rather expensive “love”. I mean!!! They don’t cost 2naira. I blogged about buying one pair a month but what happens when you see 2 or 3 you really like and you know you might convulse if you don’t go home with them. Discipline gbakwara oku!!!

10. Sleep…. Do i even begin to explain this. LOLZ

Thanks for reading, people, my back and legs hurt. Periods are a female dog. Kisses, y’all.

Shout out to Ivory Malinov who just startd following this blog *cheese*