#MyWeddingPlanningJourney – Part 5 – What’s grinding my gears?!?!

Hello everyone,

ASIDE: If by some stroke of luck, you happen upon this post, this is me apologizing for it being TWO YEARS LATE. Just forgive me please. I need to be caned. Reading it, i have no idea why i didn’t post it back then. I have no excuses so i will make none. Again, forgive me.

I’ve been away this long because i’ve just been OVERSTRESSED. Between work, wedding planning and sorting out my blended family, i’m just glad my blood pressure is stil normal. My hair’s been shedding a bit though, so you see, It’s hard!

I’ve been able to take a few hours off work to do the compulsory traipse of Balogun market too. That is a post of it’s own. I’m now, literally, the Queen of Balogun market. Like, i know where to buy George fabric, lace, ankara, coral beads, name it! LOL

Anyway, this post is about ish that’s grinding my gears so i’ll get right on to it

  • I’m really frustrated with the people who i’ve invited to my wedding who go on to hit me with “I’m coming with my girlfriend o” Like STFU!!! I don’t know your dang girlfriend, son. And, if you insist, you’re uninvited. Eish! Why do people find it hard to understand that a Nigerian only wants to have close friends and family at their wedding?
  • I absolutely hate how everyone has an opinion but they are not contributing a dime to the wedding. I can’t count how many times i’ve rolled my eyes or said STFU to an aunt (in my head). Heck, one even said to me “How can you have a guestlist? Are you telling me not to invite anybody from the village?” Erm, yes!
  • How about the ones who ask me “How dare you say you want a small wedding?” In those exact words. LOL. I’m laughing but it really isn’t funny. Now i know i have self control. I held myself back from cussing a lot of people out. A lot of people! Everything takes me back to wishing my mother were here, i won’t have to deal with a lot of this crap, i know. Well…i’ll stop here. Maybe my next post will be happier.

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